Godflesh to Play Hopscotch 2015

Godflesh to Play Hopscotch 2015

It’s official — Industrial music legend Godflesh will be performing their second-ever US festival appearance on Saturday Sept. 12, at Raleigh’s Lincoln Theatre during the 2015 Hopscotch Music Festival.

Creator Justin Broadrick explains the name Godflesh in The Godflesh FAQ “I heard someone once say that ‘music is the voice of God.” In that sense, it’s something that can get inside of you and move you spiritually on a communication level. The word God conjures something immense and inconceivable. The ‘flesh’ part is what effects you on a physical level. Our music is loud and destructive. Like Godflesh is the American Indian term for peyote, but that really is kind of a coincidence. It’s a coincidence that suits me just fine though.”

The name the American Indians use for peyote is called God’s Flesh. There is also a mushroom named Godflesh. It is one of the most powerful halucinogenic mushrooms. They were also called Teonanacatl and was used ritually by the Mayans in northeast Oaxaca.


May 29th, 2015

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